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An electrical switch "turns on the light," and GOLED models its shape and bridling it in architectural elements.

     The light becomes an integral part of our environment.
      Our strength comes from working for a customized design, finding solutions that did not exist before, integrating light with architecture, creating a customized image of the light in harmony with the space and the man who lives within...
Our vision in the Architectural LED lighting industry is to free the light from individual frames made during the production and set it free filling customized and modeled spaces.
      GOLED becomes pioneer of this culture.
      The proposed solutions fit well into architecture elements thanks to their functional design: LED light cuts for walls, ceilings and floors, gulches, ribs and illuminated shelves, suitable for different needs of both domestic and professional lighting, decorating homes, offices, shops, with the aim of attracting the attention of the viewer, making him smile in admiration for the view.
     To shape the light means creating, and creative are the companies that collaborate with us for architectural achievements, craftsmen who skilfully shape wood and drywall, thanks to which a library, a column, a beam take shape and become luminous elements. High impact, have the plastered LED wall lights and the aluminum outlines of LED light cuts: with the latter, ceilings and walls leave their cold linearity and turn into "canvas" on which you can paint shapes and colors, light lines following and cross each other as if they are magic.
     From our experience in Architectural LED lighting we can provide both components and complete turnkey solutions for masonry and wood work, and many other, assisted by our partners.

     All products marketed by GOLED are featured by an high light quality and efficiency and are compatible with modern Building Automation systems.