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"A well-oiled system works for single element settings that work coordinately and think successfully to an action".

      Selling products for LED lighting is not an hard job, but it is very easy to fall into the mistake of proposing inadequate commercial products, whose only advantage is only to be cheap.
      There are common parameters that characterize the components for LED lighting and these are the name that identify them: light bulb is for everyone a light bulb, everybody has got at least one of it at home and many of you have more than one; among the multitude of light bulbs, however, there are differences: some produce a "bad" light, others create an annoying flickering that weighs the sight down, others are not bright enough and then there are the "right lights"


The "right" LED lighting

      The only judge that can decide what is the right LED lighting is only and exclusively the customer and at its sole discretion. We at GOLED do not allow ourselves to replace the decision of the customer, limiting only to propose LED products that technically do not cause harm or discomfort to those who use them, choosing the applied electronic components, then select those products and divide them by type of color (CCT), the light beam width and the brightening; at GOLED the "power" of a light is not measured in Watts but in Lumens.
      The trading contact with customer GOLED's sales agents "ask" to the customer in what context or environment the light is installed, what kind of atmosphere the customer wants or what and how much he wants to improve the existing lighting: we leave to the Large-Scale Retail Channels attitude to leave alone the customer in the important decision on what to buy. GOLED stays close to you, compares different products, helps you throughout your choice.

      At GOLED you can find:
      Lamps, LED light bulbs and spotlights, LED recessed lights, LED track lights, LED panels, flexible LED strip and aluminum outlines for LED, Outdoor LED floodlights, power supplies and accessories for LED products management.