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"We switch on your dreams"...

     ... it's not just a joke of words, for us it's a daily commitment, our North Star...

     GOLED's commitment goes beyond the simple trading of product for LED lighting... GOLED creates them.
      The features offered from LED technology, in terms of low heat emission and small size of light source, open new horizon for creation of fashion LED lights.
      The human resources available at GOLED count on Architects and Light Designers who elaborate the request of an increasingly demanding and attentive to technological innovation customer: we create very subtle and stylized lights, we can build harmonious light curves, we can beautifully put together light and wood, light and plastic, you can even touch the light and interact with it ...
      GOLED offers designing LED lamps, table LED lamps, wall LED, suspended LED lamps, LED ceiling lights, and much more.
      We have verified that it is increasingly likely the request to be "in touch" with the light source, keeping it on hand, getting close to it, admiring it up close safely without getting burned or even worse electrically shocked. A safety requirement for us grown ups and especially for our kids, was a previously unattainable goals using traditional systems but now achievable with LED tech as LED is safe, environmentally friendly and not harmful to health.

"We combine tradition and innovation"

     And it's now increasingly common for customers to ask us to "light up with LED" some "relics of the grandma", converting an old frame in a LED wall light or make a "customized" LED table lamp, a vase or a bowl; we can make your light dreams and needs come true with solutions that combine tradition and innovation.

"We spread Knowledge"

     GOLED offers support to students of higher education institutes such as QUASAR DESIGN UNIVERSITY, IED (European Institute for Design), sharing its knowledge in order to bring out new talent, develop new products and new design projects.